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Hello and Welcome to the world of Vintage Mattel Soft Bodied Pull String Doll Voice Repair/ Restoring.

Some of the Mattel Talker I work on are Mrs. Beasley, Bugs Bunny, Cecil, Dishonest John (hand puppet), Bozo, Bozo (hand puppet), Herman Munster, Shrinking Violette, Drowsy, Porky Pig, Scooba-Doo, Tatters, T-Bone, Woody Woodpecker and Mr. Ed (hand puppet) to name a few..

My name is Keith Knight. You will find most of the pictures here of Mrs. Beasley are from my personal collection.

Please take a look at the before and after page. There is some of my work. If you have any questions please go to the Contact Page and you can send me an email, text or call.

I get ask if I am a member of the Doll Doctor Association. I am not. I don't understand why I should pay someone $20 a year to say I am a Doll Doctor. I am a Mattel Pull String Restoration Specialist. I have worked on dolls that have been restored by Doll Doctors and you can see some of there work here. I have posted pictures of dolls I have restored that were full of angel hair stuffing, I only use Mattel Stuffing. If your doll needs a little extra stuffing I put in what Mattel did. I pride myself on my Original Restoration. Please check out my work and there work. I think you will agree I can save my $20 a year.

On these pages you will find information that will educate you on what you should know before you restore your Vintage Mattel Talker. Knowing that when you get your item back it is all original. Feel free to ask questions and don't let anyone make you think any question is not important. All your questions are important to make sure that what you need is found and able to receive what your needing.

Please email me with any questions or concerns. I look forward hearing from you...

The two shades of Herman!


If your looking for a Mattel Talker please let me know. I have in my personal collection over 500 Mattel Talkers. I might consider selling. If not then I can add you to my list and find you one.

Please check out some of my videos on www.Youtube.com. You can find my videos there under Mattel Mrs Beasley. If you would like to see a video please email me and will make one and post it so you can see your fav on video talking away.